Pink Kiss Publishing Company
296 Beauvoir Rd.,Suite 100-317
  Biloxi, MS 39531
  (228) 366-6829
Founded in 2008, Pink Kiss Publishing Company has rapidly become one of the largest independent book publishers in the South. We combine elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing.

We are a full service, royalty paying, independent book publishing company and no author represented by us will pay any fees to publish their book(s). We are currently accepting submissions from new and established authors. However, our selection process is lengthy and extensive. Not all submissions will be selected for publishing, which is why we have made it possible for authors to publish their book(s) using our self-publishing services.

We understand that for a new author, the process of publishing a book can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start, which is why we work closely with writers and new authors to not only publish their books, but to also educate them on the publishing business in the process. We want our authors to succeed, because when they succeed, we also succeed!

We specialize in author development and provide one-on-one author support. We work closely with new authors from the initial sign-on throughout the publishing process. We feel that everyone has a story to tell, and all authors should be able to tell their story, their way, which is why we offer self-publishing services. Through our self-publishing services, we make it possible for authors and writers to get their book(s) in print by providing quality services at an affordable price. We work closely with new authors to develop their talent and help them improve their skills as writers. We provide the tools necessary to help them reach their full potential as new authors. We know that most anyone can write a book, and in order to be successful in this rapidly growing literary industry, authors must have a quality product in order to distinguish themselves as a professional. This is where our expertise in book design and production comes in.

We assure that our books are published in accordance with industry standards at the highest level of quality, and that they are “bookstore ready” upon completion of production. We handle all of the details so our authors can concentrate on writing.

We offer several levels of publishing to fit any budget without compromising quality.
Our Basic Publishing package starts at $499 and includes everything needed to get your book in print. We typically work on a schedule of 30-45 days from start to finish.

In addition to working with authors, we also work with publishing companies. We are able to provide cover design, editing, typesetting, web design and a host of other services for your company. We can also assist you with starting your own publishing business through our “Start Your Own Publishing Business” program. This program was designed for authors and publishers looking to build a successful publishing business, whether it is to publish their own titles or to publish for other authors.

We have a team of highly skilled graphic artists, illustrators, typesetters and editors on staff ready to assist in making your book a success. Please visit our Publishing Services page for more information and please be sure to let us know if we can assist you with anything.

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