Thank you for your interest in Pink Kiss Publishing Company. Pink Kiss Publishing is a full service, royalty paying publishing company. No author represented by PKP will pay any fees to publish their book(s). However, our selection process is lengthy and extensive. Not all submissions will be selected for publishing, which is why we have made it possible for you to publish your book, your way using our self-publishing services. For more info on our publishing services please visit our publishing services page.

At this time,  we are not accepting submissions for: cookbooks, poetry books, or short story collections.

Your submission should include all of the following:

•Query Letter
•Proposal and Marketing Plan
•Synopsis (for fiction) or Table of Contents (for nonfiction)
•Bibliography (for nonfiction)

Submit your manuscript and all requested documentation as a RTF (Rich Text Format) attachment via e-mail to using the following format:

All documents should be formatted using a clear 12-point font size (preferably in Times New Roman), double-spaced, with 1 inch margins all around, on standard letter-size
(8 1/2 x 11) layout. Your Query Letter should be short and to the point, one page or less. (Query Letter may be single-spaced and may be optionally included in the body of your email.)

Your Proposal and Marketing Plan should detail your title, intended audience (age and genre), uniqueness, sales handle, and reasons why you believe your work will attract a readership. Please detail your marketing plan, including anything and everything you intend to do to help us successfully promote and market your book.

For fiction submissions, your Synopsis should be 2-4 pages long and should summarize your entire plot and storyline, chapter by chapter, from start to finish. Don't leave us guessing.

For nonfiction submissions, please include a Table of Contents with page number references included.

For nonfiction submissions, your Bibliography should include references to all source material, including: author, title of the work, publishing city and state, name of publisher, publication date, and page numbers of the quotations. For Scripture, include: book, chapter, and verse.

For adult contemporary fiction, please submit two chapters and a synopsis as noted above.

Your manuscript should be in one continuous file, not as separate files for each chapter.

Please submit your manuscript only once; duplicate submissions will be immediately discarded.
Save your manuscript in Rich Text Format (RTF), as this format is safe for all computers, if you don’t use RTF we will not open your manuscript.  It will be deleted without being reviewed, so please, use RTF when you save. Word, WordPerfect, and
most word processing programs allow you to save as an RTF file. Select SAVE AS and choose RTF as the saved format.

You will receive email confirmation of the receipt of your manuscript within one week. However, please allow at minimum, 8 weeks for a response to your submission. It may take longer, as the number of manuscripts being submitted will likely increase over time. You will be notified, of either acceptance or rejection, via email. Be certain all your contact information, including your email, is clearly printed on the cover page of your manuscript.

We are looking for well-written pieces that shows a command of the English language and a technical story telling aptitude.  Although we are looking for new voices, we will not publish or consider works that are not well-written or does not have a clear and concise storyline.

We will respond to all submissions.  Please allow us up to eight weeks.
If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will send you a contract soon after acceptance. In the contract, you will agree to grant Pink Kiss Publishing the right to publish your book. We also ask that you allow Pink Kiss Publishing print rights for the term of two (2) years as we incur all cost of publication of your book.

In return, we will pay all editing, production, printing, warehousing, advertising, marketing, and other costs. Royalties will be paid to the author based on a percentage of the retail price, and are paid quarterly. We will not pay advanced royalties!

The contract will indicate the number of complimentary copies you will receive of your book. You may buy additional copies at 50% off retail, to be billed to you or charged against your royalties.

  Again, if your manuscript is not selected for publishing you can still choose to publish your book through Pink Kiss Publishing. Please visit our publishing services page at "Your book, your way" for more information.


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