It wasn't until I was facing divorce and single parenthood did I have a knock-down drag-out with God. It has been one of the most humbling journeys of my life. He showed me my faults, my issues, my ugly, but most of all he showed me my “Pretty.”

“Pretty Girls Pray the Hardest” takes you on a journey of lessons I learned as I became more concerned with being pretty in the sight of God vs. being pretty in the sight of man. Contrary to what society says, Pretty girls don't “prey” the hardest, we “pray” the hardest.
Shealin Latiese Terrell

About the Author:
Shealin Latiese Terrell was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the mother of two beautiful boys, Jordan and Kevin. Shealin has always used her gift of writing as a tool of healing. She is currently pursuing a BS in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion for volleyball, and coaches girls ages 11-14.

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