Kashia Zollicoffer is a self-taught culinary artist from Carthage, Mississippi. Growing up in a family steeped in culinary tradition, Kashia was exposed to a wide range of culinary cooking techniques at an early age. Many of her first vivid memories came from watching her mother cooking, catering events and those “Down South” family gatherings! By the time she was six, she can recall helping in the kitchen, and this is where her passion begun.

Although she has never taken a culinary class, Kashia takes her career just as seriously! When she decided to perfect her passion for food, she studied recipes, watched YouTube videos and absorbed many techniques from her idols, such as Paula Deen, Gordon Ramsey, and Rachael Ray. This also helped motivate her career because her idols were also self-taught.

After high school, Kashia was accepted to Jackson State Univer-sity with a major in Special Education. While attending college, she would take advantage of any cooking opportunity given. Kashia catered jobs and gave numerous samples to classmates or anyone in need of food. She enjoyed feeding people and watching how much they enjoyed her work.

By 2010, Kashia decided to step out on faith and focus on the only career that seemed destined for her… COOKING! She moved to Atlanta, Georgia to study diverse dining cultures, different spices in hopes of attending culinary school. However, things did not go as planned and she had to relocate back to Mississippi. Where some would have given up, she worked even harder to perfect her craft, travel, share her talents and working closer toward her goals.

After returning home, Kashia auditioned for FOX hit television show, Hell’s Kitchen, She became one of the top contestants of Season 12, finishing with a black jacket in the top 6 from Chef Ramsey.

Determined to be a notable role model and leader, Kashia stays active in her community as well as her personal life. She coordinates events, private catering and cooking for local shelters. Kashia’s latest endeavors have led to her opening her own restaurant “Urban Country Kitchen” in Walnut Grove, Mississippi. You can find this Southern Belle having a great time, taking care of business, enjoying life and making her dreams come true daily. She encourages other that you can be anything with hard work and dedication!

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