John Mark Grace, a very successful Master Software Engineer is excited to relocate away from his family because of the freedom it brings. A Christian young man, he finds himself giving over to the temptations that so many women in and out of the church seem to provide. John has never had a problem with the opposite sex. He is tall, has a great physique, smooth skin, thirty-two perfect white teeth, with a head full of black curly hair. Because of his upbringing, John isn’t happy about the way he’s living; yet he continues to play around with various women of flavor. Keith Johnson is John’s best friend since they were little boys back on the block. He truly values his friendship because Keith is more of a brother.

John Mark runs into Keith’s cousin Alexis Golden who is sexier than any female that has ever crossed his path. Alexis offers him the opportunity to workout with her. She is the Personal Trainer for his condominium community’s fitness center. John is a bit reluctant because he knows that Keith has already warned him that Alexis Golden is off limits. John Grace knows that the unspoken or spoken binding rules of the brotherhood are never to be broken. This is going to be a challenge because this woman has the perfect skin tone, body, and a pair of the most alluring eyes he’s ever seen. However, there is much more to Ms. Alexis Golden than John Grace knows about. Unable to resist Alexis’s unexpected moves on him, John enjoys everything that she has to give. Keeping this secret is difficult for John Mark Grace because he is so accustom to sharing all the details about the women he meets with his best friend Keith.

The sexual techniques that Alexis Golden uses to bait John Mark works like a charm. Before he realizes the affect that she’s had on him, her body becomes an addiction that he just can’t seem to live without. But as it is often the case, when it comes to matters of the heart, and making appointments to sin, it can create an unfortunate domino effect. Events began to spiral out of control. Lust, lies, betrayals, obsessions and secrets do unfold. Before John Mark Grace comes to terms with the fact that he is actually in love, he has to deal with the fact that he may lose the very person in this world who means everything to him. This young man, with so many similarities to the Prodigal Son, realizes that the only way to have what he desires is to reunite with his first love, Jesus Christ. As for Alexis Golden and her desires, she will get more than what she originally bargained for, being the business woman that she is.

About the Author:
Beverly Moore Coleman, was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi where she now resides, with her family. Because of her faith, there was nothing more exciting than the opportunity for her to write a Christian Fictional Novel. Beverly began writing poetry as a hobby when she was very young. Life and children caused Beverly’s writing to take a backseat. As the children began to get older, the fire began to rekindle as did her love for reading. She began to dream of creative writing again, realizing that it was never ever really lost. Her interests and love for putting emotions and dreams into creative writings started to wake her up at night, so much so, that she would have to take notes.
Beverly doesn’t believe in anything happening by chance or coincidences, but everything going according to the perfect plans and will of the Lord. “To God , she gives all of the Glory.”